Innovation upon innovation at Carstens

The company is now offering a whole range of completely new and unprecedented product concepts in line with consumer wishes and requirements. The new little marzipan balls available as classic marzipan, cappuccino classico and caramel are very close to perfection when it comes to this round marzipan indulgence. Each ball is individually wrapped and the fistling sound made when opening them creates a feeling of mouth-watering anticipation. When you bite into them, your taste buds are first tickled by crisp, dark chocolate before encountering the fabulously succulent Lübeck superior marzipan. These individual varieties will be available in 125g bags and also in a presentation tray comprising a mix of three delicious varieties to offer your guests.Marzipan & Cocoa is a further innovation in this diverse range of products without chocolate.

And then the Lübeck-based company also came up with "Sticks” made from Lübeck superior marzipan. 20 small, thin sticks from classic marzipan and orange marzipan, enrobed with crisp, dark chocolate.