Code of Conduct

Schluckwerder GmbH / Erasmi & Carstens GmbH

The corporate group is aware of its social and ecological corporate responsibility. Integrity, transparency and trust form the basis for mutual respectful cooperation within the company and with business partners as well as for the long-term success of the company.

This Code of Conduct is the basis for our actions. It applies equally to the employees of our company and to our business partners (suppliers, service providers).

  1. We comply with the law.
    Compliance with all national and European laws/regulations is ensured.

  2. Right to freedom of association.
    We respect the right of workers to form trade unions in a free and democratic manner, do not discriminate against workers on the basis of trade union membership and respect the right of workers to bargain collectively. We do not prevent workers representatives from accessing or interacting with workers in the workplace.

  3. Equal treatment and prohibition of discrimination.
    Every employee is treated with respect and dignity. Discrimination, delimitation or favouritism on the basis of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious or ethnic affiliation, nationality, social background, disability, political opinion and membership of an employee organisation will not be tolerated.

  4. Promotion of employees.
    The potential of our employees is promoted. Professional knowledge as well as social and methodological skills are taken into account.

  5. Working hours.
    Working hours correspond to the applicable law, industrial standards, relevant ILO conventions or local agreements with workers representatives, depending on which regulation is stricter. The maximum permitted weekly working time is according to national legislation applies. The use of overtime is an exception and is voluntary.

  6. Payment.
    Our company respects the right of workers to fair payment. All applicable laws and regulations regarding payment are complied with. Wages are paid on time, regularly and in full in a legal tender. The amount of wages reflects qualifications and educational level of workers and relates to regular working hours. Workers are regularly informed in writing, in an understandable manner and in detail about the composition of their remuneration. Illegal and unjustified deductions from wages, especially those in the form of direct or indirect disciplinary measures, are prohibited.

  7. Working Conditions and Working Environment.
    The health and safety of our employees is our most important asset. We ensure occupational health and safety for our employees in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. A system is in place to identify, assess, prevent and control potential hazards to the health and safety of employees. A safe and hygienic working environment that meets all applicable safety standards is ensured. Reasonable efforts are made to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses of employment related to or occurring in the course of work. Effective personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided. Appropriate occupational health care and related facilities are provided. Access to drinking water, safe and clean dining and rest areas, and clean and safe food preparation and storage areas are provided.

  8. Prohibition of child labour. 
    We reject any form of child labour. Employees who have not yet reached the applicable legal minimum age are not employed.

  9. No precarious employment.
    The employment relationship shall not lead to insecurity or to social or economic danger for the employees. Before entering the employment relationship, employees must be provided with comprehensible information about their rights, obligations and working conditions, including working hours, remuneration and payment provisions.

  10. Prohibition of forced labour.
    We respect human rights within our sphere of influence. We reject any form of forced labour (slave labour, bonded labour, servitude, human trafficking or involuntary labour). Proper employment is guaranteed. Employees have the right to leave the company after giving appropriate notice.

  11. Prohibition of bribery and corruption.
    We maintain transparent dealings with customers, suppliers, service providers and authorities and reject any form of bribery, corruption, price fixing, extortion or embezzlement.

  12. Environmental responsibility.
    We comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the protection of the environment. Responsible environmental practices are ensured, working continuously to reduce adverse impacts on the community, natural resources and the environment as a whole.

  13. Data protection.
    Personal data of employees and business partners is collected and processed with reasonable care. All personal data is always processed in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Each individual employee and business partner contributes to ensuring that the Code of Ethics is always and correctly implemented in the company. If there is any uncertainty about the content or if there are any questions as to whether specific conduct complies with the requirements of the Code of Ethics, each employee and business partner is called upon to contact their superiors or other responsible employees and contacts in confidence.

I ask the employees to take a look at the PDF "Code of Conduct for Employees" (german version).


Jochen Rock, Eric Beringer
Managing Directors

Updated: Adendorf, August 26, 2022